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Psychotherapy is commonly referred to as "talk therapy" and is used for older children, teenagers, students and adults. Psychotherapy is the therapeutic process in which a client and psychologist collaborate to understand the client's unique challenges and their reaction towards it. This can include difficulties with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression ad trauma, but also difficulties in relationships with other people, such as friends, teachers, romantic partners, colleagues, or one's own children. 

Psychotherapy focuses on guiding the client to recognise how they go about life and relationships, which strategies are effective and which are ineffective, and how to replace ineffective strategies to enhance their psychological well-being.

I employ a very specialised form of psychotherapy called Jungian Sandplay Therapy. Years of training and experience are required to become a certified sandplay therapist with the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) as a sandplay therapist. I am currently registered with the ISST as a canditate sandplay therapist and also a member of the South African Sandplay Therapy Society (SASTS)

It is important to know that psychotherapy is not a quick fix, but rather a long term commitment to one's overall well-being

Image by alexandra lammerink
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